Kimberly (nothingiswasted) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time with the Keeper!

Hey there, ladies!

So I got my Keeper (the B, before birth, size) in the mail today and I was SO EXCITED. I tried putting it in right away. First I tried the C-fold/U-fold and I could barely get it in me. I tried the punch down and this was much more manageable...however, it was not without some um...mishaps. :-P The first time it actually went in, it wouldn't go up anymore (I am very small down there) so I just slowly released it and HOLY MOLY, it opened up way too low and suctioned on- OW!

I let myself recover and tried again a few hours later. I used the punch down again, but used a bit of lubricant along the rim. I eased it in slowly and finally got it a bit further up. I slowly opened it and SUCCESS! It was in there, albeit seemingly low, and I could barely feel it! I think I'm in love.

My only question is: how far does the stem poke out for all of you? At first, mine poked out a LOT. I was worried I didn't have it in right. After walking around a bit, it seems to have moved up and settled more.

For once I can't wait for my period. I want to see if it's in right and doesn't leak.
Tags: first time use, keeper
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