x (eco_tone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

diva-- holes and suction

hi, i've been using a divacup size 1 for... 9 cycles? i've been so happy with it every time, it's a treat to get my period now.
however, recently i realized that i hadn't really cleaned out the holes in the cup. i had tried a few times, and kind of scraped some stuff out of there, but nothing too intense. so for this cycle (it's day three) i've been doing the suction in the sink thing someone posted a few weeks ago. this is definitely working. but! this is the only thing i've done different in my 9 cycles with my diva, and something is definitely wrong with her. when i reach in to take it out, i absolutely cannot break the suction. i end up just having to take a deep breath and pull it out... without folding it back up. you can imagine how painful this is. and trust me, i've tried with all my strength to break the suction, and it's just not working.

any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you so much!
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