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So I've basically been a lurker for the past few weeks, but finally I had to share!!
I got my cup (keeper mooncup) a few weeks ago in the mail, and was actually excited to get my period to try it out.  I'm a poor university student, so I was hoping this would be a worthwhile investment.  Fingers were most definitely crossed.
Let me tell you that this has been the most awesome period I've ever had - wow!

I put the cup through a harsh test.  Right off the bat, I went on a strenuous 2 hour hike.  The next day I had a ballroom dance competition where I was in three events.  And today I was away from my apartment for 12 hours. 

Not a single leak, ever.  It's been wonderful.  Even with tampons I would leak out, and it would suck.  I just assumed that I'd always have to deal with that.  But no more!!  My panties have stayed beautiful!  I've fallen in love with my mooncup, and i have absolutely no complaints!!  Hooray!

I hope this wasn't just beginner's luck...

Thanks lovelies :]
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