tess (themostfleeting) wrote in menstrual_cups,

hello! Long time lurker, I love this community and it really helped me make my decision so thank you so much ladies!!

I used a menstrual cup for the first time this month and I am 100% sold on it! I got a large ladycup because I knew I wanted something squishy and I don't mind reaching up and futzing around with getting it out, which I think is a common complaint with ladycups because they are rather squishy. I also got a large, even though I'm 19 and haven't had a child, but I have a pretty heavy /erratic flow so it seems to be working out well.

I LOVE not having to carry around tampons! and also, not bleeding through my clothes! that is seriously the best benefit, besides saving money and the environment. Because I have such an erratic flow, I would have some days where an ultra tampon wouldn't last two hours (and those things are painful) and then there would be days where I could leave a tampon in for 8 hours. And it was kind of hard to predict and sometimes I would run out and think I'd be fine and I definitely wouldn't be. Lots of stress and tears in the school bathroom growing up, let me tell you that.

Also, I do feel much cleaner, which I didn't really expect because even though I am pretty comfortable with my blood, I wasn't sure what seeing it all in the cup would be like, but I much prefer that to having pads in the trashcan and stuff.

At first when I saw it I was like holy shit how will that fit in my vag, it is HUGE!!! But I just used a c fold and it was fine, and I don't really feel it, except when I wake up in the morning and it gets a little higher than I like.

This is just such a huge relief from having to deal with tampons and so on and I'm happy I finally converted, thank you all so much!
Tags: first time use, lady cup
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