sutaseiu (sutaseiu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Other reuseable products?

I'm in love with my DivaCup, but I was wondering about cloth pads and the like. Still learning to use my DivaCup, and it can be a lot of work, so it'd be nice to try other things for a break. Also, are the organic cotton pads and tampons much different from the regular ones? Tampons give me insane cramps, and the pads are irritating. They make everything feel raw. Basically looking for something to use as a back up or temp replacement while I'm getting used to my DivaCup.

On a related side note, my body seems to enjoy pushing my cup out, even though it's sealed in there and not leaking. I'm ok while sitting, but when I stand, it'll shift. Next time around I'm going to try turning it inside out, as it may be too long, or I'll be cutting the stem. Haven't decided which one, but does anyone have any other tips that could help? I've tried a few different folds already, and seem to do best with the punch down one.

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