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Unable To Believe I've Survived This Long...

Al those wasted years! Buying tampons and pads, blowing what little money I had each month, believing it was a necessity. If only I had known sooner!

I am the proud owner of a Diva cup, and I couldn't be happier. Before getting my period, I did a dry run, and I won't lie- it was a terrible, terrible day. Put it down to my tampon use and how I was angling it wrong, on how not relaxed I was, it felt like I was impaling myself with something massive, and taking it out was worse; like gouging out my insides.

I put the cup away and resolved to attempt again when I was on my period.

Lo and Behold, my problems vanished when the time came- inserting it was easy, getting the cup to form a seal was easier, and I had absolutely no leaks! Even better, my cramps went away from some reason, and my period seems...  not as severe as before!

My only problem is... removal. No matter what I do, pinch the bottom of the cup, remove slowly at an angle, wiggling it, everything, I find the pain (although I wouldn't know) comparable to childbirth; the rim of the cup is wide open and it hurts like hell. It's a hell I can definitely live with; no more of the nails-clawing-at-my-insides feeling with the tampons, no more pads bunching up and smelling, no more late night dashes to the store.

But it would be nice if could take out my Diva Cup with minimal pain.

Any suggestions, anyone?
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