Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Femmecup vs UK Mooncup?

Of my three (four, including the one I sold) cups, I think my (large) UK Mooncup is the easiest to use and the most comfortable.  But I wish it held more -- especially for my heavy day.  Therefore my (large) Lunette (which has more or less replaced my large Diva.)

Looking at the sizes and capacities, the Femmecup (45x50mm, 18ml) has nearly identical dimensions to the large UK Mooncup (46x50, 13ml) but a larger capacity.  And their shape/design is very similar as well.  Yet the Femmecup doesn't seem to be a very popular cup.  I wonder why not.

Has anyone used both?  What are their similarities?  What are their differences?  How does one compare to the other?  What are your impressions of each?

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