hypergurl7 (hypergurl7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thoughts on organic tampons?

So, I finally got my mom on board with the whole cup thing. However, the ebay seller is on holiday (vacation) and won't be shipping until the 16th. That being said, I started last night, and I need to buy more supplies. I really want to invest in some organic tampons/pads for this month. I've never used organic tampons before. I've heard that organic tampons only have cardboard applicators. Is this true? Is it significanty harder to insert cardboard tampons than plastic? (I know this sounds silly, considering I'm purchasing a cup.) Also, is there a "better" brand of organic tampons/pads. I've heard that they absorb less, and are less effective. (Which would be bad news for me and my heavy flow.) I know of natracare, organic essentials, and seventh generation. 

FYI: I've used plastic applicator tampons for a year with no problems.

Lastly, is there anything I could do to prep myself for using my cup now? (Besides fingering/streching.)
Thanks I appreciate your imput.
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