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HELP!!!! Strange request

I know I'm still new here and I haven't really introduced myself, but I need help, kinda ASAP. So, to get this out of the way...
Hi, semi-newbie to the community and using cups. I'm so glad this community exists and that cups exist. I doubt there will be any personal questions, but ask away if you want to.
Here's my crisis - I've got the OK from my english professor to write an analysis report regarding the environmental and health effects of disposable menstrual products and I get to "solve" the issue with introducing the alternatives (yay!) but he told me I need AT LEAST 10 reliable sources (scientific studies, landfill reports, etc., but surveys and interviews aren't really good for this sort of project) on these effects and why alternatives are so much better. I'm desperate as my project is due this coming saturday night. Can you guys help? Pretty please? If you know of any sources I could use, could you post them?

Edit: Thank you all SO MUCH for your help and support. I emailed all of the companies I could find regarding this (MiaCup is a fantastic company BTW, I feel like I need to buy one of them now that they've helped me so much!) I've found almost 10 usable sources thanks to all of your suggestions. If I can get all of this information sorted out, I'll post the analytical report in my journal within a week if anybody would be interested in it. THANKS AGAIN! Oh, and I can use more than 10, so if anybody thinks of any more, just post it and I'll see what I can do to add it.
Tags: papers/articles/pamphlets

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