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Help me with my lunette!

Hi All!

I got a lunette and was so excited, but it has been a less than pleasant experience so far and I am SO frustrated. I'm hoping you all might help me because I so want to get this. I've been using insteads for the past couple of years and don't have much trouble with them at all except they are a mess when they spill and I loved the idea of something a bit more permanent. I got a lunette ( the bigger one since I'm approaching 40 YIKES and have three children) after reading good reviews and because they have the most capacity. My problem....It seems like I can not get it placed so it's comfortable. It always feels like it's about to fall out! I cut the stem off because it was horribly uncomfortable, and that helped but I still feel like I must be doing something wrong. I think I may not be getting a good seal, but I have about torn myself up taking the cup in and out trying all the different folds to get it placed just right. I see so many posts about people having trouble getting them out or migrating up. I only wish I had that problem! Please please help me! I don't know whether to try another brand or if I just need to keep practicing. I have an instead back in now....don't feel it at all (ahhh) but am just waiting for the big spill that inevitably happens. Any suggestions???

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