skeas (skeas) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"Burping" your menstrual cup after sealing

So I got a Mooncup Keeper about two months ago, and I love it! For the last year, I've suffered from BV every time I've had my period. I finally decided to try alternative menstrual products and voila! I haven't had an infection since. I've used the cup for one cycle already with minimal problems.

I do have one question, however, because I've been having trouble with the cup leaking a bit. I insert the cup using the punch-down method, which I love and works beautifully. I've also been in the habit of kind of sqeezing the sides of the cup after that, to "burp" the air out of it like you would a tupperware container. The cup isn't totally devoid of air and collapsed in on itself or anything afterward. Could I actually be damaging the seal by doing this? Does anyone else do this? Is this bad for me?

My other solution to the sealing problem has been to cut the stem of the cup, but I haven't used the cup since. When I first got the cup, I was going to cut the stem but my mom scared me to death about not being able to get it out. As a result, I trimmed the stem a little but ultimately left it long to the point where it was irritating. Since then, I've realized that I could go a lot shorter and that the stem doesn't actually aid me in getting the cup out at all--so I've trimmed it. I'm hoping that the shorter stem will allow the cup to maybe sit a little lower in my vagina and improve the seal that way as well.
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