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Mooncup UK vs Ladycup

After another hot and cold period with my MCUK, I have decided, irrefutably, that I need another cup. My first day is a leaking, crampy mess with my small MKUK, but the rest of the days are fine. I had pretty much decided that I was going to try the Ladycup large size, since the two brands are pretty close to the same in the large size, but I have read that the Ladycup is softer, so I figured it would be better for my cramps on the first day. I was all set to order it when I get paid on Friday, but I decided today to take a look at the comparison pics just to be sure, and I may have hit a snag. I had to cut the stem completely off my MCUK, but it has pronounced ridges along the bottom of the bell that make it easy to remove. In looking at the pics of the Ladycup, it looks like the ridges are all on the stem and there are none on the bell of the cup. So I ask you Ladycup users out there, is this true? If so, I may be back to the drawing board on, my decision. I dread the thought of trying to get a grip on a slippery cup to remove it without having to stick my whole hand up there. Sorry for the visual on that. :) Any advice you have is appreciated.
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