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We can has rules

Hi all,

A note from your mod.

On a recent post, I've had to give out more warnings for rudeness than I have in my entire time here before put together. So, it looks like it's time for a reminder.

What are the community rules?

I'm so glad you asked.

They say:

No rudeness, no trolling. Comments that criticize others, are judgmental, posted to purposely start drama or are otherwise inflammatory ARE NOT WELCOME.
Believe me, I understand why the quote in that post raised everyone's blood pressure. And because it's not to his face, it might feel okay to call the guy who wrote it rude names. But, well, it isn't. And that's that.

I would like to particularly point out that male-bashing is no exception to the above rule. It is still rude. It is also desperately insensitive to the male-identified members of this community. And lots of us here have very supportive and enthusiastic male friends and partners, who we don't enjoy seeing insulted.

I've also added a new line to this rule to clarify something that has been bothering me for a while. It says:

...This includes being rude about other menstrual options such as disposable pads and tampons. While we are enthusiastic about our cup use here, there is no need to call other choices gross or irresponsible.
I mean it. You are welcome to say that you always found them gross, or that you find them gross now, or any other comments about your own tastes and preferences. But please remember that these really are your own personal tastes and preferences, and not universal.

Calling a choice that millions of women use (and some of them use as a choice, not because they're unaware of other options) 'gross' or 'disgusting' is not respectful, and it's not menstruation- and female-positive. Basically, it's no more acceptable coming from you than it is from people who disparage cup use.

Why were some comments warned and some similar ones not?

It's a judgment call, and subjective. I warned the comments that struck me as objectionable enough that I couldn't just leave them. If you think I missed one that was equally bad, or warned one that should not have been warned, please let me know.

Finally, this place is not your personal army.

As I see it, we are here to help out people who have questions about cup use. We are also here to discuss related issues, both practical and theoretical. We are not here to get enraged because someone is wrong on the internet. Believe me, there are thousands more like him. If you want to send people strongly worded emails explaining the error of their ways you're more than welcome to, but please, no calls-to-arms against individual bloggers here. (Companies and corporations are something else entirely).

I hope that clarifies things. Please feel free to chip in with any questions or comments. You can also always message me if you prefer to talk privately.
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