sutaseiu (sutaseiu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time using DivaCup

I read through some of the memories, but I want to just confirm some things. So far, I've only had minor troubles with inserting the cup, and I'm hoping I'll be just as lucking tomorrow. My one problem is that when I try to do the turn bit, it just doesn't really want to move. I can make it, if I try, but it also doesn't seem like it has to. It kinda makes a sucking noise when I insert it, so I'm pretty certain it's sealing fine. Am I right to assume this?

Secondly, in relation to that, I don't have any issue removing the cup. I squeeze the bottom, tug, and out it comes. I haven't had any leakage problems yet, so am I just having good luck with my first time?

Last, I'm totally in love with my divacup, as I had to stop using tampons due to horrendous cramps. I was so sad when I went back to pads, but so far (granted, it's only been a day), I've had very, very minimal cramps, and those could be contributed to me forgetting that my period started yesterday, and having greasy bacon for dinner that night. Kinda gross to empty, but worth it.
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