Lebannen Luitreath (lebannen) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lebannen Luitreath

Heya. I got my Mooncup just over a year ago, absolutely love it, best thing ever. And then I ended up having to do a period without using it at all, pads all the way and EWW DISGUSTINGNESS. So now I am even more evangelical about my lovely miracle of modern technology (hooray for medical grade silicone!), which for me has been completely leak-free* and involved minimal hassle of any other kind.

Problem was, I'm away from home for the next month and realised I'd left my cup behind, so hurriedly bought myself a new one (and has anyone pointed out to the Mooncup people that their website 'buy it here' page has one of the most bizarre and broken forms ever?) because no way am I doing *another* week of mess and ickiness when I know there's an alternative that works for me. So now I have a brand new Mooncup, and as a bonus, enclosed in the packet was a 'recommend a friend' discount code. So I have £3 discounts on Mooncups available to the first three people who want them<, either comment here or send me an email (lebannen at lj) All discount codes gone now. And to clarify, that's the Mooncup UK, not the other one.

[* Ahahahaha, I spoke too soon. OK, my periods just got a lot heavier, and my cup now runneth over after four hours on a bad day. Still mess and disgustingness, but at least it doesn't smell as bad.]
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