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Ami Mercury

Warm water and boiling pans

Hi to all!

First day at this community and as a user of DivaCup, I actually received today by mail. My period was 12 days soon, that means that I haven't had the opportunity to do a "test run": I'm giving it a REAL try xD. Well, I'm not used to it yet, it seems I have had some problems with inserting it and I don't get to have the thing inside correctly, but well, I'm not worrying already, I have read a lot on menstrual cups and I know that it's odd to start on my period days.

My first question is related cleaning. As I have read everywhere, it is recommended to wash my hands and the cup with warm/hot water. Is it really important? I mean, now it's summer and I'm not worried since cold water is actually pretty warm xD. But when winter arrives, I'm a bit afraid this becomes a problem. We don't have a really hard winter, we never reach 0ºC, but water is still cold and it takes around 10 minutes to get the water warmer work. That's too much time and too much water and gas wasted and I'm not very happy with that idea :/

Last question is about boiling. I have also read that many of you buy a pan only to boil the cup. I was thinking in using just a normal pad, of course after cleaning very well the pad, and also the pan itself after boiling. We're talking about normal pans here, like, the same that I'll use to warm milk, for example. Is there any danger? I live with my boyfriend and his parents, even if I boil the cup for long enough, clean it propertly before boiling it and of course clean the pan after, would it still be... like... "appropiate"?

And that's it ^_^. I've found this community REALLY helpful, I must thank you all for all the experiences and advices. And thanks also in advance for the help. I suppose I'll post again when I get used to my Diva :)


P.S.: I'm really sorry if my English has any mistakes >< I hope everything is understandable though.
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling
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