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hello everyone! i've been stalking this group for about a month now and have commented a few times but haven't actually posted. the posts here have been very helpful to me and i really appreciate all the lovely people who work to answer questions and give advice to us newbies.

i purchased a divacup at the beginning of my period last month. earthfare carries them in my area (athens, ga) and it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision after a few months of research (basically i'd finally gotten the guts up). my first day was great. after about four tries i managed to get the cup in with a great seal. the second and third days however (which are my heaviest days) i was running to the bathroom every hour or so to check it because no matter how i put it in it was leaking (i tried all of the different folds and even managed to spin the cup while it was in). every time i checked it (both last cycle and today), the seal seemed to be good, so much so that the suction didn't want to break when i removed it. after my two heaviest days it stopped leaking and i was fine for the rest of my period.

i chalked this all up to teething troubles until yesterday. yesterday was again the heaviest day of my period and again i had problems with leaking. i also had problems with insertion--it felt as if my vagina had shortened dramatically (which is highly possible). i felt around up there for a while thinking my cervix had dropped (i'd read many posts here where women said this happens) but i couldn't feel it (then again i never have). i could insert my fingers completely within my vagina without hitting anything (i have very small hands though), so i was thoroughly confused as to why i couldn't insert my cup all the way.

today has been worse. i woke up with what looked like a murder scene in my panties. i've been leaking all day and have been trying everything - cleaning out the holes thoroughly (i realized during this that one of the 4 holes didn't get punched through properly at the factory --something i'd read on here happening to someone else as well), rotating the cup, trying different folds. i don't want to put on a pad but i'm so close right now it's not funny. it's not as if the cup is completely failing - 90% of the blood is within the cup whenever i remove it. but i'm so incredibly frustrated, y'all. if anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way as soon as you can.

TIA :)
Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, seal & suction, teething troubles
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