Erin Joy (_rainbow_bright) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Erin Joy

first cycle with my diva cup!

This is my first cycle with a cup - a small diva cup to be exact.  Last period I COULD NOT get it in, but after a month of vagina stretching, it worked, and I'm thrilled!  I have to use the punch down fold though.  The C fold feels like I'm running into a brick wall.  A bit of praise for my diva, and then my questions. 

I bought the diva because I could buy it at the organic store by my house.  I like to buy local and support local businesses so this was a big selling thing for me.  I also like to buy Canadian products seeing as I live in Canada.  Further, I hadn't found this community, so I didn't know what all was out there.  Knowing what I know now I probably would have gone with a Lady Cup, and may still get one, but I'm happy.  I'll probably need to trim the stem, but other then that, it's great!  I gave away my pads, my roommates taking my tampons, and I'm never going back :) 

Questions though.  First, my diva's been leaking a little.  It was FINE when my flow was heavy, but now that it's lighter it seems to be leaking.  I know it has a seal, and it's not over filling, so I don't know what the problem is.  It's not quite as much as tampons, but still enough that I wouldn't want to go without a pantyliner.  At first I was wondering if it wasn't popping, but when I go to get it out, I can definitely hear the seal breaking.  Why the heck is it doing this???  Shouldn't it leak more when my flow's heavier????

Second question.  My blood.  It's very...stringy.  I mean, really, really stringy.  I've noticed this a bit with tampons, but with the Diva it is VERY obvious that a lining is coming out.  There's almost no "liquid" blood, it's all just this thick, clumpy, mucousy, stringy stuff.  Is that normal?

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