shelleb (shelleb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Anemia, Cervixes and lots of innocent questions...

Ok so for starters, I'm trying to pay attention to how much blood I'm losing this cycle to see if I may be prone/have anemia. This is proving to be rather difficult since the only way I can comfortably remove my diva cup is to squish it back up into the "c" position, so it always spills a lot of blood while I'm squishing it. Anyway, without counting the lost blood- I'm on day one and I've already lost 50ml of blood (and I'm trying to estimate but I think the spilt blood may amount to at LEAST another 5 ml but possibly more).
So from what everyone's telling me, I have 30ml more to go before I'm in the  "I possibly have anemia" group of people and should see a Dr.... so 5 more days till I know

Apart from that, I have a lot of questions about the cervix...  Until 2 days ago, I didnt really know what it was, where it was or what it felt like, but thanks to and a bit of exploration - I finally found it! Not only did I find it, but I discovered that it hurts to touch it.... so now I'm wondering if this is the answer to all my period pain issues. I find that I start getting cramps after I insert the cup on the first day of my cycle- could this be something to do with the cervix??

Also, not quite related to cups but I need some help with my naivety! I seem to be rather "short" inside. I felt the cervix really easily, with my middle finger (although my fingers are long) and my finger was not even all the way inside. So, being a virgin (one of those old-fashioned people waiting till I get married), I'm wondering how this is meant to work during sex, given that it hurt to touch the cervix. I asked my boyfriend how long his penis is, and of course it's a lot longer than my finger, so I just don't understand how this works. does the cervix move around? Is it possible that it is particularly low during the start of my period? (Because that would explain why I get cramps and a very uncomfortable feeling from my diva cup on the first 1 or 2 days of my period, but all is fine and dandy after that).

Thanks if you can help!! :D
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