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Colposcopies and Birth Control and Cups, Oh My!

First I want to say how happy I am this group exists. You’re all so helpful and enthusiastic that you’ve given me the little push I needed to decide to buy my first cup. I’ve narrowed it down to the Mooncup UK and the Miacup and plan on purchasing one by the end of the month.

So, onto my questions.  In a few weeks  I’ll be having a colposcopy done. I’m not sure how long after this that I should wait before starting to use a cup. I can’t find any info about this anywhere except the usual “wait at least a week before sticking anything up there” advice, but it seems like waiting longer would definitely be wise since the suction could open the cuts back up if they’re not completely healed and since struggling to figure out how to get it in and out properly is likely to cause some irritation for a while anyways.  Obviously I will ask my gyno this while I’m there but as I’m going to the Planned Parenthood to have this done and she’s overworked as it is, I don’t want to call and ask ahead of time. I figured some of you might have experience with this. Any ideas how long I should wait?

And then on to the second question. I am currently using the patch but have decided to switch to  Implanon. I expect to experience some spotting and irregular periods and would love to be able to use a cup sometimes when I am at work or out and am afraid I might start bleeding. I know it’s very different for everyone (so this question might be pointless)  but I’m trying to get a general feel for how long it would take me to get used to the cup enough that I might be able to wear it more frequently than just during a regular period.  How long were you using your cup before you felt comfortable enough to leave it in for longer periods of time or when you were just spotting?

BTW, I am 23, never given birth, and not really sexually active right now, in case it matters.


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