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Cups helped me in school. :)

I just want to thank you all for this community.

I am currently in a summer English course (essays every weekend *groan*), and the paper I just wrote is a product review of menstrual cups. The essays are supposed to be persuasive evaluations. Using menstrual cups, or at least reusable products, is something important to me, so it was an easy topic.

Every Monday, we have peer reviews. We're divided into groups of three, then we read the essays of the other two people and mention flaws we see and things we like. I spoke to my teacher (a male) before I wrote the essay, and I made sure to mention I would prefer not being in a group with males because I don't think they could quite relate. My teacher was incredibly supportive and kept saying how fantastic the idea was, and he put me with a few other females today.

Well, these girls read my paper and could not stop saying how amazing and informative it is. I have all of you to thank for that. Neither of them had any idea menstrual cups exist, not to mention any other reusable products. My paper hit the five page limit. When they finished reading, they both had more questions and seemed genuinely interested. I thought about bringing one of my cups to class (especially the Diva I haven't even touched in a year) to show them, but wasn't sure it was a wise idea. Now, I wish I had! They wanted more information about the shape (I tried to draw it, but I'm no artist) and the flexibility.

Even if I didn't create a few converts, now there are two more women in the world who know what cups are. I really hope my paper was enough to get them to want to research it on their own, and perhaps we'll see them here!
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