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9 month recap (Mooncup UK)

Hey there!

I've been using the Mooncup for a while now, so I figured it was time to post a little recap :)

First of all, I am very happy with my small Mooncup UK. Since I am 24 w/o children, and am not sexually active right now, I had decided to go for a small/slender cup. The lower capacity compared to other cups did not bother me, since I have a medium-light flow. So after 9 happy periods I can safely say I this cup works great for me.

I haven't used anything but the "labial fold" since the very first time I tried the cup. It seemed like the smallest fold diameter-wise and it pops open very easily with the Mooncup UK. It doesn't seem to get much recognition on here, so here is the link

Removing has been pretty easy for me once I got the hang of it.
The way it works for me:
- Sitting on the toilet, I push down the cup until I can reach the stem (this can take a little longer, if it has moved up high during the night)
- I keep pushing down with my muscles, while I tug on the stem to move the cup further down, until the base is almost outside.
- When I can reach the base of the cup, I pinch it with my thumb and index finger and pull the cup further down.
- Then I fold the cup into the C-fold (though not to much to prevent spilling). I fold it, by holding the cup between my middle and index finger on one side, and my thumb on the opposite side of the cup. Then I basically put my thumb inbetween my index an middle fingers (with the cup inbetween). This really breaks the seal, if it hasn't broken while tugging.
- Then I pull it out slowly.

BTW: The first removal was... bad! I panicked and thought I couldn't get it out. It was so high up after the night. But I just came on this board and read some posts about removal and tried again. And it worked :))

Before I first used the cup, I boiled it for 5-10 mins.
During my period, I just rinse it with hot water.
After my periods I have used sterilizing solution, boiling, and simply washing it with hand soap (and rinsing well). I just switch around between those...

I have not had any leaking at all. I am so confident with this cup that I even wear white underwear during my period =D
I just need to make sure to insert the cup asap when my period begins. Otherwise there is some blood left on the walls of my vagina and then I do get some light spotting.

*What I LOVE most about the cup*
... is that I get NO spotting! I have a clotty flow most of the days and when using tampons, the clots would sneak by the tampon (even if I had just inserted a new one) and make me leak! It was horrible! I hate wearing liners, so I had quite a lot of jeans with light brown spots on the inner seam... grrr... but not anymore :) No leaks, no liners, yeah!

*Now the sad part*
I probably won't get much use out of my cup anymore. I have started a new birth control pill due to hormonal depression that will keep me from having periods. We'll see how that works out. You know what... I am a little sad about not being able to use my cup anymore :(
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