no one in particular (lucifers_girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
no one in particular

A thank you

I recently bought a Diva cup to use during my period and had the usual issues with it.  I spent awhile perusing the Diva Cup website and other websites, and even had a very graphic discussion with the woman at the help desk of the health food store I bought it at.  I have to say though, this community was SO helpful with everything.  I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and what worked for them.  I think I finally have the divacup figured out after spending some time reading over the posts in here and looking at the pictures for insertion, and I'm actually excited about my next period! 

On another topic, does anyone have any good recommendations for cloth pads?  I love the idea of not having to throw ridiculous amounts of cotton out in the trash, but I'm not quite sure about quality/price of cloth pads. 
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