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Day 1, cycle 4

Today was pure, unadulterated hell with my MKUK. I put it in just before bed last night and didn't seem to have much/any leaking until I got up and started my day. Which I had many things planned to do during and got to none of them because I was miserable. I leaked practically like it wasn't in and got so crammpy and nauseous, I had to take it out. Add to this mix a splitting headache and nearly vomiting, and I spent the day napping or sitting on the sofa. I know tampons used to make my cramps worse on the first day, so I was a little worried it would happen with the cup, but so many on this LJ comm said the cup helped so I was hopeful. Last month and this month, the cup definitely made them worse and unbearable. I am so heartbroken and disappointed. I was going to get a larger cup to try to fix the leaking (I am over 30, no kids) but now I worry it will be a waste of money due to not being able to wear it, at least on the first day, when I need it the most. I think I read that the LadyCup is softer, so I think I will try that one. I didn't do t this month because I wanted to try one more month, to fix the leaking with some positioning changes. Anyone else have the problem with increased cramps? What did you do? Sorry if I got rambling. Napping most of the day makes one stay up late and a little goofy.
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