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Hi everyone!

I've been a spectator in this community for..too long! and although I instantly loved the idea of menstrual cups, I suffer from an extreme case of indecisiveness ;P so I haven't been able to make up my mind on which cup!

My period is only moderately heavy for 1.5 days and then I spot for like  5... (blessing or curse?) so I didn't need one that held a substantial capacity, so I've been debating over the Lunette for a whiiile, but now that Ladycup is out on the market, I definitely know that I want that one!

My only concern is that the surface looks really smooth and I'm worried that getting a good grip for removal may be a problem..? The raised dots on the base and stem don't look like they would do much because of the smooth texture..

So for the ladies that use Ladycup/Pinkcup, can you please let me know what your experiences are with the grip-issue?

Then I'll FINALLY be able to make my conversion to menstrual cups--once and for all!

Thanks in advance!
Tags: lady cup
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