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Wondering if I will be able to use the Instead?

 I am a regular user of the Divacup and it works great.  Like many women, the idea of having less-bloody sex during the period has caused me to look at the Instead.  Here's my problem.

They work like a diaphragm, right?  Well, I could use a diaphragm well enough, until after the birth of my second child (I had C sections, not sure that matters).  Anyway, something happened and my cervix changed positions.  Next time I tried to use one, it got stuck behind the pelvic bone and I couldn't grab it.  It came out in the emergency room, after a huge amount of trouble (and no small feelings of trauma on my part).  12 years later (this was just this year), I tried to get fitted with a diaphragm again, only to have the same problem.  The nurse practitioner managed to get the fitting-model out, but refused to prescribe one, obviously, saying that my anatomy wasn't right for it.

I don't want to have to go to the E.D. to get my Instead cup removed, particularly since I don't have health insurance right now.  But if they're more flexible than a diaphragm, or different enough, maybe it would be okay to use one.  Anybody have any experience-based advice, or professional-based (such as being a midwife, doctor or nurse)? 

One more question... has anyone used a sea sponge during sex?  Perhaps that would be safer for me.  The "sex tampons" look interesting, but they also just look like sponges.
Tags: instead, removal - painful or problems, sexual activity

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