Bean (bean668) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva vs Mia

Ok I have and love my DIvaCup very much.  I have had it for about 1 year and a half.  I started with the large size - but it was too big, so I had to size down.  Even though I am 37.

 I am getting a second cup to keep in my suitcase as I travel for woek - and I like to have identical toiletries at home and in my suitcase.  Becing with out my Diva jsut one time was too trying.  I will never forget that faitful night I hadf to go to the drug store and stand in the feminine hygeine aisle.

I am thinking about getting a Mia because my Diva cup is too stiff.  But I am wondering if I shoudl get the large or small Mia Cup.   I Know they have a good return policy, but I don't want me or the company to have to pay international shipping more times than necessary (I would stil have to pay to return it).

So where is that post that compares all the cups lines up with each other (photos please the numbers means nothing to me)

And do  you all think I should get the bigger or smaller MiaCup?

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