Mrs. Twirly McDuck (twirlandswirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Mrs. Twirly McDuck

Okay, so I posted the other day that I started my period but couldn't find my Diva because I'd just moved. Well I found it, put it in... turns out it was just spotting, which is odd because I don't usually spot, but whatever. Last night I was spotting again, but I decided to wait until later to make sure it was actually my period instead of just more spotting. Well, I just went to pee and there was bright red blood, so I stuck the cup in. I always pee right after I put it IN, too, because the flexing of muscles I've found helps it settle into place better. Aaaanyway, I go to wipe after this, and still blood. Very odd, since I've never even had a TINGE of a leak before, not even once. I figure, I usually put my cup in at the first sign of spotting, so maybe since I waited for an actual flow this time, some blood was clinging to my lower vaginal wall, and that's why I'm still bloody. So, I try to clean myself out a bit. Nope, still blood flowing. Cup is good, seal is good... still bleeding.

Is this maybe because I waiting for a full flow to start before I put the cup in, so it doesn't seal as well? Or is it possible my vagina ITSELF is bleeding right now? Since I generally put the cup into a dry vagina (and the suction of removing it usually clears me out when I change during my period- hurrah for a thick, clumping flow!), I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it, so I figured I'd ask here to see if it's normal.

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