Sammich (theliningsilver) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leakage issues-- another cry for help!

So I posted a week or so ago regarding a dry run, and took everyone's words to heart. I decided to lay it aside until I was actually on my period, and low and behold, awesome advice. My period started this morning, and while I'm still befuddled as to how I'll ever get it in at work, given the contortion I put myself through to actually get it in comfortably, it was in and comfortable.

But... I put it in, and the damn thing just made a run north. I'm not a panicker, but I stood there thinking "Huh. I wonder how on earth I'm going to reach all the way up to my sternum to get this blasted thing out!"

I was headed to the movies with a friend, so I decided I probably ought to at least TRY to figure out how to get it out. Bear down, wiggle around, do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that's how you get it out. Okay, fine, well and good. Glad I didn't trim the stem, 'cause I'd have been screwed.

So I put it back in, comfortable, let it settle wherever it wants (because that's what I should do, right?) and go to the movies. About 40 minutes into the movie, I get up and go to the bathroom, only to find that I'm leaking. Or more to the point, I don't seem to be hitting the cup at all, and it has wormed its way up even farther. It took some serious work to get it back out (it HAD sealed), and there seemed to be more blood on the outside than on the inside (though it was collecting some.) I don't know what to do, and I definitely don't want to give up, but I will say I took it out and returned to a tampon for the interim. It's a Mooncup UK, and I'm a little bummed here!
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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