melissa (dreamsofmelissa) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Affordable Cloth Pads?

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a site that sells reusable menstrual pads but doesn't kill on International shipping rates.

I've checked sites like Lunapads, Gladrags and Moonpads, but the shipping cost really puts me off getting any. ($25+ for one pad??  Don't think so!)
I already own and use a Mooncup UK, but I'm looking for panty liners to use for those spotty days because I hate the idea of using disposable liners..
I've also checked out a few sellers on and I really love some of the patterns and the very reasonable shipping costs. The only thing I'm worried about is whether they're well made and reliable.. I don't want my pads tearing after a couple of washes! Does anyone have any experiences with any particular sellers on Etsy??

Edit: This is what I'm considering at the moment
Tags: buying decisions, pads - cloth

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