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Happy period story !

I just want to share my experience with two cups I use.
First was large Diva and after I cut the stem completely off I did not have any problems with it – it popped open every time, leaked only in the morning when it was full, worked just perfect. But, due to my cervix being sooooo low my cup is just picking out of my vagina - sometimes even ½. So I have decided to buy smaller cup and I bought PinkCup larger size. When I first got it of course I had to do dry run and I did not know if I really like it... 
First – it is so much squishier, softer than Diva and I had problem to push it up – I have to say that I completely cut the stem off, like in my Diva, and without stem bottom of a PinkCup is very soft.
Another thing – those tiny round *somethings* by the stem started to really poke me, I wanted to scratch like crazy... So you see I was worried I just spent my money for nothing, but when my period arrived it was completely different story :)

With bloody lubricant everything changed – I could push in my cup easily, it rotates like a dream, cannot even feel it inside. Yes it still picks out but I cannot say that it bothers me :) And it does not leak !
When I insert it I let it opens very low (I use “C” fold) and than rotate it and push it up – works perfectly every time!

So the point of my story is – do not believe dry run (at least not always), it will be different when your period will arrive, and for those of you who have popping out problems – let your cup opens up low and than rotate and push up – works every time for me, maybe its worth of try for you :)

What do you think? :-)

Tags: divacup, dry run, lady cup, popping open, success stories

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