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 Hi folks!

I was a dedicated Diva user for several months after being told about it by a coworker.  Then, my dog found it.  The Diva is no more.  As finances were tight, I just switched to using the cloth pads that I had bought during my menstrual alternatives discovery time.  But now, I'm thinking of going back to some kind of cup.

My old experience-- I chose the larger Diva since I am a large-figured girl over 30.  However, I did usually get that "gotta pee" pressure, and sometimes a pinching feeling.  I never got around to trimming the stem, and I think that's what "pinched" me.  I never had a problem with insertion, occasional difficulty with opening, occasional with removal.

I was wondering if perhaps the Mooncup UK or Lunette might be a better choice for me to avoid the "gotta pee" sensation.  What about size?  I'm thinking a smaller size might work well since I have never given birth.  I know I want to avoid the Keeper Mooncup.  A local store has both sizes of Divas available, but I don't know if the smaller size would be different enough.

Although I have expressed more interest in Mooncup UK and Lunette, if you're convinced that another style is better, give me the info.  And thank you very much for your time.
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