diana_12345 (diana_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

just got my new cup, a few questions (it seems AWESOME!)

so, i just got my pretty pink (it was worth the extra $5) ladycup, and put it in (easy!) and wore it for a full day (couldn't feel anything!!! amazing!) as a test run . . . it seemed sealed, all was well, but it was a test run (i don't have my period right now) . . . .

if it works as well as it seems it's going to, i plan to tell every girlfriend i have about cups! why don't more people use them????

of course, my only slight fear/question is:

i bought some pads (which i haven't used for years) to wear the first days i use the cup while i have my period, in case of leaks. when/if they leak, do they leak like a tampon or do they, well, dump out all of the blood? if so, would a pad be able to absorb it all? i can't imagine that they could leak that much, it would be tragic and hugely embarrassing . . . just want to check so i know what to plan for.

also, what do you do if you need to change it in a bathroom stall? how does that work?

also, cleaning - you have to boil it post-period, correct? (for the silicone) . . . but during, can you wash with soap and water?

thanks! again, i think i'm going to love the cup, seems amazing thus far!

ps - thanks for everyone who applied to my post with advice about which kind of cup to get - i read a lot of posts and settled on ladycup in a size small - i'm 33, no children, thin, with light flow. it seems to fit well. i bought directly from ladycup - may be a bit more $, but they offer free exchanges if you accidentally bought the  wrong size . . . .
Tags: activism, cleaning, cleaning - boiling, coloured lady cups, removal

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