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Another Comparison between Pink(Lady)Cup and Keeper Moon Cup

My initial comparison on a dry run between the Keeper Moon Cup, size B and the Pink(Lady)Cup, size small:

Keeper Moon Cup (a.k.a. Thelma)
The Moon Cup looked so big when I first got it, so I was a little intimidated but determined. On a dry run, lubrication of some sort really helps. Water does the trick for me. The cup is sometimes a bit difficult to keep in a C fold, at least it is for a newbie like me. I've poked around in this community and found a fold that works for me (I think it's the origami fold). I've already used this cup for a cycle but in order to get a good comparison to little Louise, I decided to do another dry run. It scared me. I'm not due for my period, although I do spot bleed, so when I pulled the cup out and there was blood I thought I broke myself. It didn't hurt, but it was a little scary to see blood when I'm not expecting it. Okay, so I felt around a bit and there's literally nothing wrong aside from that evil BTB that happens every cycle. Attempt #2 went well. The stem still poked me a bit but I figured since I got it to stop doing that during my period that I would just leave it be. All in all, I love my keeper.
The cup is somewhat stiff so it can be hard to keep folded while inserting, but I've NEVER had a problem with it popping open. Without fail, I hear the POP! and I know it made a good seal so the stiffness can be a plus. It leaked on the first day due to user error, but other than that I've not had one drop go where I didn't want it to go. The removal is a bit tricky sometimes. The holes help break the suction, which is a whole 'nother sound, kinda like a SHHHTHOP! but sometimes I lose grip and the seal recreates itself. Weird squishy noises entail at this point and I have a hard time not laughing. Do you know how hard it is to relax when every time you pull there's this hilarious noise? Of course, this is a difficulty I don't mind. This is a cup that does what it's supposed to do, for me anyway. I love my adorable Thelma.

Pink(Lady) Cup (a.k.a. Louise)
I got this cup in the mail today from the Lady Cup company. When I opened it up, I thought "wow, it's so cute and oh-so-squishy!" I stopped by the post office on the way to class so I didn't get a chance to try it out until later and I couldn't wait to get home to give it a shot. I've only tried this cup during a dry run. It doesn't feel all that different in the squishiness against Thelma until I fold it in the second part of the C fold. I can tell a huge difference then, and with the stem. The stem has this maximum squishiness that I doubt I'll need to cut it since it didn't bother me during the dry run but a tiny bit. Weird thing about me - I wear my cup slightly higher during the period than when it's a dry run. That might change when I go off HBC and get an IUD though. ANYWAY, the seal seems to be pretty good, but I'll only be able to tell when I'm really testing it. It did not make the violent popping noise my Thelma makes, but it did release what sounded like a nice strong seal when I squeezed it. There was barely any blood in this cup when I pulled it out, but I don't know if that is matter of less suction or the idea that maybe Thelma cleaned up for me before I gave this one a try. Only time will tell.

I'm very excited to give my little pink cup a chance at the next cycle. I've also very new to the cup idea, so some of my review might be flawed due to inexperience. But given that I have a lack of experience, maybe this will help some other newbie. And totally on a sidenote, my boyfriend has nicknamed me T-Cup because I use a cup and I'm scheduled to get the IUD next month. I just thought that was kinda cute.
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