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So, I just finished my first full cycle with my Diva Cup, and feel I've learned some valuable lessons, such as:

1)Riding a horse is fine with the Diva's long stem. Bareback, maybe not so much (although I trimmed the stem more after the first experience and it was fine the next time I decided to pull the saddle off, just a bit sore but not to the extent I was sore before and it didn't last 3 days!)

2)Plans for camping will always result in a late period, to start the day the camping trip is to start. 2 weeks late, starts the very morning of a 3-day camping trip. Thankfully it did start that morning though, or else I wouldn't have thought to bring my cup!

3)Couple this with moodswings and heavier bleeding than normal(I forgot to make a doctor's appointment till it was too late and had to take a break from the regulation of the pill for a month because I didn't have any, so glad that hormone rollercoaster is now over!). My cup leaked like crazy for the first 2 days unless I emptied it every 3 hours, and even then there would be a bit of leaking.
This will be re-evaluated once I get back to my normal bleeding.

4)Porta-potties are not fun while using a leaking cup. Especially when 1/2 of them are unable to be cleaned because they are on a hill that has mud so thick the trucks can't get up it... and therefore there were only 10 for 3000 people. They kept servicing them, but it was still disgusting. I was using pads as well for the leaking, and the " 'Always' clean wipes" they attach to their pads now are WONDERFUL for cleaning a cup in a porta-potty!

5) Despite the leaking, the cup is SO worth it! I didn't have to make "I can't go swimming because..." excuses for the first time EVER!(I hate tampons with a passion). Which was awesome since the swimming hole was a waterfall you could safely climb:). I was thankful that we had to go get ice every morning because it meant a real bathroom I could use to give the cup a good clean.

All I've been reading lately is "down on the Diva" because it leaks so much, but I really don't feel like getting a new cup- I like that it's made in Canada, I like the material it's made out of, I do like it's size(I have a VERY long canal, you could probably sail a toy boat down there), the Diva sits very far up for me. Is there any techniques to maybe get it to not leak so much? I don't know if it was overflowing(wouldn't the overflow just come out when you remove the cup, up like a turned upside down bottle when you unscrew the cap?) or just leaking. Because my canal is so long and I have very short fingers there is no way I can find my cervix, so placement is iffy! I've tried and it's just wasted time. I have perfected the origami fold though, no more umbrella cup for me!
Happy Days!
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