wildegrl (wildegrl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A very good (menstruation- related) cause

Hi everyone, I was just reading through my favorite blogs via RSS when I came across this fundraising site--- http://ragstopads.com, courtesy of blogger Violet Blue. I thought it sounded like something the members of this community would be interested in, because it's menstruation (though not cup) related.

From the site: "Oprah says we should celebrate our periods. Which is easy to say when a healthy period is only a trip to Walgreens away. But in rural India, the cost of your box of Stayfree can be three full days' salary. So with tampons and pads out of the question, many rural Indian women control their flows by stuffing dirty rags up inside of them.

Sorry to be so graphic. But that's how it is. And it means that poor Indian women risk vaginal and urinary tract infections (and thus illness, incontinence, and infertility) during every period from puberty to menopause."

The goal is to help these women start a business with the money and make pads. I just made a small donation and I thought some of you might want to also, or to at least know about the project. There is more info at the website.
Tags: activism

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