Kimberly (nothingiswasted) wrote in menstrual_cups,


So I just started researching all of this stuff today and came across this really cool community. =)

I'm trying to decide which cup is right for me because I'm only 5 feet, 2 inches and I have a pretty small frame, but I'm not a virgin. My cycle is really light. I'm going to get the smallest brand of whatever I choose, but I have NO idea what brand to buy. I'm in the US, so I can buy Diva Cup in stores, but it looks a lot bulkier than some brands. I really like the look of the Miacup and the website is really organized and helpful, but it's so expensive!

What's good for a small frame, flexible, and good for first-time use?

Thanks so much, guys. This is a really great community and has already helped me so much!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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