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Unexpected Comparison

Hi!  I'm almost 25, and I'm still on my first try of using the Divacup (small size).  Haven't gotten it properly inserted yet, but until I get comfortable with it I can really only try late at night (weird living arrangement that thankfully is almost over).  I've been skimming through the first time use posts and the virgin posts in hopes of finding suggestions for making things go a little easier, but I guess I just need to be stubborn, and I think I'll try the origami fold.  My trouble isn't with getting it to pop open, incidentally- it's that it pops open too soon, which I guess is just a matter of me getting comfortable enough with it to be able to hold onto it longer.  I'm still at the stage where it pops open, my eyes turn into dinner plates and I automatically yank it away from my body.

Anyways, I really wanted to post to say that while I was trying to put it in for the first time, I kept thinking that the process reminded me of something but I couldn't remember what- and I finally did!  Putting in a menstrual cup for the first time reminds me of trying to put in contacts.  As you can see from my userpic, I don't wear contacts.  I tried to start using them a couple months ago, and never could put them in- my eyes are too sensitive.  But the process of trying to relax, trying to put it in and failing again and again, but still getting closer each time, getting used to touching a part of your body that you don't usually (or, sorry, *I* don't usually) touch that feels weird in an alarming (if not icky) way until you get used to it- well, aside from the different placement of the parts of the body, it's very similar to me.  And I thought the comparison might be helpful to the other first-timers out there.

To those who are looking for anatomy information or just further information about cups, Scarleteen has some great stuff and good diagrams of the female anatomy (look in the "Pink Parts" section) along with articles that talk about all the various issues.  Most of the opinion pieces are from the left side of things, and I sometimes take issue with them, but solid medical information overall.
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