chamelion2 (chamelion2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup: Pink or Clear?

Hi I posted another entry here about which cup I should get, now I have to decide on the colour. While I like to dress feminine I am not exactly fond of pink, I do however feel that it may have an advantage colourwise. I am afraid that the colour may be too pink though. Does anyone have the lady cup in pink? I think it may be acceptable if it is a light rosé pink. How does it look in real life (as pictures are often paler than the original)

In regards to the pink: I think it may be advantageous in terms of stains not being as noticeable. Will the cup stain? or is that not an issue to worry about?

One thing I do worry about is the cup being coloured without knowing if the colour itself may be harmful to me.

What is your input? Pink or clear?
Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup
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