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Mooncup UK or Ladycup?


I know these kind of questions come up constantly so I apologize! I have never used a menstrual cup but am planning on purchasing one as I am dissatisfied with tampons drying me up. I have read several reviews of both the mooncup UK and the Ladycup on here, however I am still not sure which one to get. As far as I understand the Ladycup has a softer rim and is smaller?

If I were to order a ladycup I would probably go for a size S and with the mooncup a size B.

A couple of info on me: I am 24, no children, I currently use normal size O.B. tampons (Hard variety without applicator), and according to several health professionals my entrance is very small (narrow). I have been having constipation problems that resulted in pressure on my bladder which in turn resulted in very painful Urinary tract Infections. Precicely because of that reason I am tempted to find one of the softest and smallest menstrual cups that will not exert much pressure on my bladder.  I am however also concerned that I will not be able to insert a soft one as I am very small and I am concerned that it will bend (I have trouble inserting tampax tampons with an applicator as it is quite soft and only bends). Then again I need one that isn't very big either and I am concerned that the mooncup may be too large..

Has anyone tried both of these? And if so which one would you recommend?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lady cup, mooncup (uk)
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