tamaku (tamaku) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bowel pressure

Hi, I have the smaller Mooncup UK and the larger Miacup. I am new to cups, so haven't had a period with them yet, but I am trying them out while waiting for it to come (due any day or week now, unpredictable). Anyway, with the Miacup in, I feel pressure on the bowels as if needing to do a BM, but I don't feel this pressure with the MCUK. I think I have acheived seals with both of them, but won't know until my period comes and I have leakage or not. Do you think that it is because the Miacup is the larger size that I feel this pressure? Will it go away as I get used to the cup, or be different during my period?

I'm sure I've read some posts on this before while looking around, but I couldn't find them just then, looking at the BM tag section. 

Edit: Actually, having gone to the toilet, it's feeling better! I'm a dill!
Tags: bowel movements, mooncup (uk)

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