jcnjd (jcnjd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Keeper Mooncup returns

Hi All,

A while back I wrote about having trouble with a Keeper MoonCup return. Well, after the retailer telling me to send it back to Keeper, Keeper sending it back to me with a note that the retailer must honor the return policy and to return it to them, I finally got the retailer to give me info on returning it to them.

It was delivered to the retailer on July 12, and I haven't recieved a refund. I called a bunch of times, and nothing. So, I'm disputing the charge with my credit card, and I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (I hate to do that; I like to support small business, but this is ridiculous).

Anyway, just a heads up to everyone, avoid making purchases from www.babybungalow.com or goddesspads.com (same company).
Tags: keeper, keeper moon cup, where to buy

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