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wich cup

im 13 im not sure what cup i want i liked the small ladycup for along time but what about my heavy days and then theres the miacup but its really expensive i thought about the lunette but alot of people said theres leaked im trying to find out more about the femmecup but i cant find alot of information have you had any problems with the femmecup or really good things any links? or should i just suck it up and get the ladycup or save up to get the miacup anything about the miacup thats worth spending the extra money i just wanna get the right cup 

P.S. sorry if the comments are screened im not sure if i got them unscreened yet im new to this community but ive known about it for 6 months and i finally got an account

thanks so much
Tags: age, buying decisions, virginity

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