Niomi Panshiko (panshiko) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Niomi Panshiko

Engorged Cervix -- help, did I break my vagina?!

This time around I have had a very usually long period. It has lasted more than two weeks. I have a contraceptive implant which is known to make periods unpredictable. Even though I haven't had a period like this since I had it put in in March, I did not think much of it. My husband expressed the concern, this being my first period using my Ladycup, that the long period could somehow be related. I'd never heard of that happening so I thought it was silly. The last week of my period has not even felt like a period at all, no cramps or discomfort. Just a low amount of bleeding.

However. Today while replacing my cup I noticed something very strange and alarming. My cervix, which usually I would not be able to reach in and feel with my fingers, is right inside the entrance to my vagina. It is very large. Like I said, I've never been able to feel my cervix before, but I don't think it's supposed to be this big. It's circumference is greater than the widest point of my thumb. I'm very familiar with my g-spot and I know I"m not confusing the two. This is a cylinder-shaped object, I can circle my finger around it. My finger circles between it and the walls of my vagina.

I can't even have sex like this, it is too big for a penis to be placed in there with it. We already know the suction is great enough to pull out an IUD. Is it possible that it's engorging the blood vessels in my cervix and causing it to enlarge? Is this possibly dangerous? Should I see a doctor?
Tags: cervix position, health risks, lady cup, seal & suction

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