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Doing Activism!

I guess I'm an altruist, and very happy.
I'm telling to my family and friends about menstrual cups. They are doing the same thing. To inform people about reality makes me happy, I feel I did something good.

I wrote an email to a menstrual cup company. I asked them to send me some pamphlets, stickers, for making activism and tell people about menstrual cups. They did! And now I do activism.
I'll write the same email to other m.c companies soon, I'm excited!

Actually I'm stikcing the stickers on public places, and public wc too. I wish this help to inform people.
I'm writing to newspapers and online magazines to publish info articles about m.cups.
I'm also telling about m.c in forums and chatrooms I use to chat. People is being informed, and lots of people is getting cups, and telling friends about it. Great.

Now I have another plan: to leave pamphlets and web links on gyno's letterbox.

More ideas? Let's do activism!
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