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Mooncup UK dry-run failure

Hello, all! My first post here, though I did a lot of lurking when comparison shopping for a cup. I ended up deciding on the Mooncup UK after a lot of complimentary posts and information. Despite some initial sizing drama (they sent the wrong size), I now have the right size.

I tried a dry run several days ago. I'm a virgin, but extremely familiar with my anatomy, and active in other ways. I tried the punchdown fold. I have a difficult time keeping it folded while inserting it without, if you'll pardon the expression, sticking my whole hand up there with it. Obviously, that's not going to be ideal for a real run. Regardless, it didn't open. Oh-- well, it did, it just waited until I had nearly taken it out, and then waged an attack on my ladyparts with a vengeance. POP, right at my entrance.

So there I am, laughing and bleeding and bleeding and laughing.

Subsequent tries have fared no better (more of the bleeding, less of the laughing). Am I trying to insert it too vertically? Also, how do you grip the base and insert without your fold popping loose? Anyone else have issues like this?
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk), popping open, virginity
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