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Cups in health class/am I eligible for free samples.

With school aproaching, I've decided to let everyone I know learn about cups! One way I want to this is to convince cup companies to donate cups to my school's health class. I took health last year, and there was no mention of cups/cloth pads in my health book. It was published in 1999, and the keeper came out in 1989!  (The keeper is produced in my city, and its the only cup produced in the US besides insteads.) I have some questions:

1. Am I really eligible for free cup samples? I'm a teen, and I don't want to use the cup personally. Instead, when ppl are learning about periods is health my teacher will be like "You can use tampons/pads, and menstrual cups for period flow. A menstrual cup is......" 
If I am, what cups should I try to get? I know lady cup/lunette are marketed for teens, but not everyone can order online/tell their mom about this stuff. The diva is the cheapest cup. Mia cup just looks cool and donates money to charity.....I only need one!

2. Is there any company thats been super hard to work with and I shouldn't waste my time contacting?

3. Do you think learning about cups in health class would be more beneficial then posting flyers in the BR? I personally think so, but I'd like to get more opinions on this!

Thanks for reading. Any imput would be helpful! (I know this is sort of irrelevant in regards to cup USE, but I really want to spread the word about cups!

Tags: activism

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