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I want a menstrual cup

I am 15 years old and I am very active (dance, running, and I love roller coasters), so I really want to use a menstrual cup. However, I'm not sure what cup is right for me. It is difficult for me to use tampons and I only insert them sucessfully 25% of the time, plus I dislike tampons and their TSS risk.

I am not really close to my mom especially when it comes to talking about these things, and I am afraid she'll think cups are gross. She will also be unhappy because she thinks I am too young to worry about these things, in fact, she wants me to stick to pads which are highly uncomfortable because I do so many sports. (I had to beg for tampons, lol) I have no idea how to convince her, or even talk to her.

Asking my mom for a DivaCup will be the easiest because I saw an ad for it in Cosmo. Also, they are the only cups I do not have to order online. My mom doesn't  trust or do any online shopping. Is there a way to convince her? However, the DivaCup seems long, and I think a smaller cup might fit me better, but I am not really sure.

I think Miacups are nice but my mom will never let me get it for the price. Also, since it is relatively new there are less reviews on them online.
The MoonCup UK interests me too because of reviews, but I don't know if its right for me either (which is why I post here)
Lunette and Ladycup are probably the best for me in terms of size, but the Ladycup seems squishy, and I find it really hard to position tampons and I find my muscles aren't very relaxed no matter what so I am afraid the Ladycup is too squishy for me to push well. I am also concerned about how it might be hard to pop open. Lunette seems  firmer so it might be better for me but I am afraid it is too firm and I have no clue how to order and I've been warned that Kukkuppi (sp?) may have problems.

These are my thoughts on the cups, however, since I haven't personally tried any i am posting here for suggestions on cups as well as talking to my mom and convincing her. I may be completely wrong about the cups, but I know I have to get one. Cups are the only thing for me, because I don't want pads, tampons or tss. Thank you, I would appreciate replies as soon as possible.
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