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Menstrual cups and salt

Hello, everyone, 

I've been occasionally watching this community since last spring, when I bought myself a Lunette cup. Unfortunately (then again, maybe not) even one and a half year's regular use hasn't really given me case for membership in support groups. I haven't had a single problem that needed solving, nor suggestions for what to do when there's a problem, since I haven't had any. I can only conclude that my parts and periods must be smack dab in the middle of the bell curve. One issue arose earlier this evening, however.

When my period started today I decided that my cup needed a bit of extra disinfection, since it had been bouncing around with other toiletries during a week's holiday. So I put a pan of water on the hob and went to look for the white vinegar, only to discover that I was out. That had me thinking about other household chemicals used for disinfection and remembered that sea salt is used to disinfect piercings, and since that's what I use for cooking, it's always on hand. I threw in about a small fistful, and when the water boiled, dropped the cup in as usual and boiled for five minutes.

Has anyone tried this before me, or does anyone know if sodium chloride can damage silicon? At least it feels as usual, but with my history of annoyingly problem-free cup use, I might not be the right kind of person to spot a problem. 

Tags: cleaning - boiling, cleaning - sterilising solution

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