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Mooncup...praise and questions

Good morning,
i've been reading this commuinty for some time and have checked the tags and not found this particular question so here goes :)

i'm on my second cycle wth my Mooncup.During my first cycle days 1-3 i had a lot of leakage because i was apparently placing the cup far too low. i have a tilted Uterus and low placement didn't give me the seal i needed. i figured this out and pushed the cup up further late on day 3 and had no leaks at all for the rest of my cycle (YAY!!)

This cycle i've done well and had no leaks, until i tried agan to place it lower for easier removal...(will not do this again).

The problems i'm currently having are with removal. Breaking the seal isdifficult i've pushed in the side of the cup.i've bared down and tried to push in the upper lip (often i can't reach it) i'm wondering if i should open up the holes a bit (they seem awfully tiny).

i also experience cramping worse since using the cup. Normally my cramps are vague and two advil on day one are all thats required. Now the cramping lasts all day on days 1-2. What about the cup causes cramping?

Another question (which may sound odd) is does the suction of the cup place a suction on the cervix? Can the cup cause issues like prolapse? In my head i'm picturing a constant vacuum on the cervix caused by the cup and wondering if that will weaken those muscles and ligaments that hold the cervix in place somehow.

Even with all of that said, i'm loving the cup and have converted one other woman and have another friend seriously considering it!!
Tags: cervix position, cramps, health risks, removal

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